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Advertising and Public Relations - the Mad Men of Oregon? Advertising is still an essential part of business, but much has changed since the days of advertising "mad men."
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Access to historical employment and wage information has never been easier. Our on-line database contains over 20 years of detailed industry data for Oregon and all counties.
The Current Employment Statistics (CES) monthly survey provides the most up-to-date employment estimates available. Industry employment figures are available for all labor market areas in Oregon.
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the federal government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
The Voice is an online information center about what's happening in Oregon's dynamic manufacturing sector. It collects and consolidates news, resources, programs, and contacts from companies, consortia, industry and labor groups, education and training providers, and government organizations.
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Analysis of the employment and unemployment data for August 2014.
The turnover rate for workers 55 years old and over has remained low, suggesting that older workers are staying put in the jobs they have.
Over the past year and a half, the state has added jobs at 2.5 to 3.0 percent a year; a pace similar to that preceding the Great Recession.
Over time, various groups have proposed carving territory out of Southern Oregon and Northern California to form the 51st state, the State of Jefferson.
Oregon is an in-migration state. Neighboring states account for much of the movement, but Oregon draws new residents from all around the country.
Oregon's manufacturing production workers averaged 40 hours per week in July.
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Diverging Employment Trends in Oregon's Agriculture Industry Crop production and animal production have both added jobs, but crop production has had a bumpier road in recent years.
Down on the Farm - 2012 Census of Agriculture for Oregon Oregon agricultural product sales totaled $4.9 billion in 2012 and ranged from a high of $593 million in Marion County to $5.5 million in Lincoln County.
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: Small but Strong This small Oregon industry, where business activities require high degrees of expertise and training, has seen strong growth.
Lights, Camera. . .Oregon! The Perfect Scene for the Film Industry With its diverse scenery and locations, Oregon is a popular place for filming movies, commercials and television specials.
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This monthly newsletter contains the latest information on trends in employment and unemployment, as well as providing in-depth coverage of a wide range of economic and labor market topics.
A Local Labor Trends newsletter is published each month for the 13 regions within the state, and each contains the most recent information on local area employment and unemployment.
In Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties, nearly one-third of fabricated metal manufacturers struggled to find qualified workers in 2011.
A new survey of employers finds that green jobs make up 3 percent of Oregon's workforce.
Whether you are looking for the largest industries, the occupations with the most job openings, or the fastest-growing occupations, you will find the information here.
Tables of monthly and annual average agricultural employment by area.
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