Oregon Labor Market Information System
Oregon's Rate Above Nation's

The most recent monthly unemployment rate figures for the U.S., Oregon and all local labor market areas is available here.
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Unemployment information for the U.S. or for other states or metropolitan areas can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Local Area Unemployment Statistics home page.
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Roughly 10 percent (or 376,000) of Oregon's population consists of people born outside the U.S.
What has changed in the characteristics and distribution of Oregon's unemployed between 2007 and 2013?
High unemployment rates, slow job growth, and structural changes in the economy are all more difficult challenges in rural Oregon.
Endangered: Youth in the Labor Force Oregon's job growth after the Great Recession completely overlooked younger workers. A new report details the struggles of youth in today's labor market.
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A data sheet that provides the most recent monthly estimated labor force, employment, unemployment, and unemployment rates for the U.S., Oregon, and labor market areas within the state.
The latest update on the state of employment and unemployment in Oregon.